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Organization Profile



The Organization Profile

Introduction and historical backdrop…

Administrative Building, PLW

Diesel locomotives were introduced in Indian Railways in late 1950s, when first lot of diesel locomotives was imported from M/s. ALCo, USA.  With the setting up of Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) at Varanasi in the year 1961, the additions to diesel locomotive fleet started at a regular pace. In the earlier years of diesel operation, a limited demand of spares was being met either by imports or by manufacturing in DLW, Varanasi, but the demand increased with the increasing size and age of the loco fleet.

To meet the ever-growing demand of high precision components required for maintenance of diesel loco fleet, a decision was taken in the year 1979 to set up a dedicated Diesel Component Works at Patiala. The Foundation Stone of Diesel Component Works (DCW), Patiala was laid on October 24, 1981 and production started in 1986. Besides manufacturing diesel engine components, DCW also started rehabilitation of Traction Machines (Traction Motors and Traction Alternators), Engine Blocks (Crank-case) and Power Packs, giving them a new lease of life.


A bird’s eye view of PLW Workshop

Production Shops were also set up for chrome plating of cylinder liners and manufacturing of carbon brushes of various types for traction and auxiliary machines. A dedicated Bogie Shop was set up for manufacturing of Motorized Truck Assemblies (Bogies) and Motorized Wheel Sets for supply as unit exchange spares to diesel loco maintenance sheds.

Later, a decision was taken to carry out Mid-life Rebuilding (MLR) of diesel locomotives which has rendered a service life of 16-18 years.  Accordingly, Phase-II project of DCW was sanctioned and the MLR work started in 1989. During MLR, retro-upgrades of technology were also applied to increase the horse power of locomotives from 2600HP to 3100HP, improve their fuel efficiency and also reduce their maintenance periodicity. With this, the unit was rechristened from DCW to Diesel Loco Modernization Works (DMW) in July,2003 to signify the modernization of diesel locomotives being done here. Since inception, 2296 ALCo diesel locos have been rehabilitated/modernized by DMW.

DMW also started manufacturing new WDM3D 3300HP ALCo Locomotives in 2010-11 but the activity was discontinued after 2015-16.  Till then 227 new WDM3D locomotives were manufactured by DMW. To cater to the shunting requirements, Multi-Genset Locos were conceived which were having fuel saving of 15-20%. First such loco was turned out in Mar’13 and three such locos were manufactured thereafter.


     Rebuilt WDP1 ALCo Diesel Locomotive

           Fuel-Efficient Multi-Gen Set WDM2G Diesel Locomotive


DMW acted as a nodal agency to provide maintenance support for the entire fleet of ALCo design diesel locomotives owned by Indian Railways. It included bulk procurement and distribution of critical maintenance spares to all Zonal Railways, entering into AMCs and RCs for critical systems, planning and execution of retro-upgrades on locomotives sanctioned under Rolling Stock Program of Indian Railways.

From the last few years (from 2017-18), Indian Railways has embarked on the path of complete electrification of all its routes, at an accelerated pace. As a result, DMW had to realign itself with the changing requirements of nation. Leveraging its inherent strength of lean and agile working, it quickly transformed itself into a new electric locomotive manufacturing unit. The first 3-Phase IGBT based 6000HP WAP7 Electric Loco was turned out from DMW in Feb’18 and its series production was started from 2018-19 onwards.

3 phase IGBT based 6000HP WAP7 Passenger
Electric Locomotive

8- Wheeler Diesel Electric Tower Car (DETC/US)


Adding another feather to its cap, DMW started manufacturing much needed Tower Cars for the massive electrification projects being under taken by Indian Railways. The first 8-Wheeler Diesel Electric Tower Car (DETC) was manufactured in Dec’2018 and its series production was started from 2019-20. As the pandemic forced Railways to give priority to freight traffic, DMW introduced manufacturing of electric freight locos for the first time and the first WAG9HC locomotive was turned out in March 2021.

DMW also took up a project to convert diesel locomotives to a 10000 HP twin electric loco, and the prototype WAG10 loco was turned out from DMW in March’21.

Again, due to these major changes in its product profile, it has been renamed as Patiala Locomotive Works (PLW) on 28.01.22, giving it a full-fledged status of a Production Unit of Indian Railways.


3 phase 6000HP freight Locomotive (WAG9HC)

10000HP Converted Electric Locomotive (WAG10)


Not sitting on these laurels, PLW has transformed its existing infrastructure to cater to changing requirements of Indian Railways. The facilities, which were earlier dedicated to diesel locomotives have been converted for providing maintenance support to electric loco sheds. In this direction, it started overhauling and rehabilitation of traction motors used on Hitachi as well as new generation 3-Phase electric locomotives. To fully utilize the existing infra-structure, PLW started producing new 3-Phase 6FRA6068 Traction Motors in-house for meeting its own needs of new loco manufacturing.

The Bogie Shop of PLW, which is unique of its kind, has catapulted itself to manufacturing new Motorized Bogies and Motorized Wheel Sets for electric locos for supply to Zonal Railways. It has now developed capabilities to manufacture all kinds of bogies for diesel as well as electric locos.

With its inherent strengths, PLW is all geared up to achieve new heights and serve the nation to the best of its capabilities.



Foundation Stone of the Project laid


Loco Components manufacturing started


First Rebuilt WDM2 Locomotive turned Out


First Rebuilt WDM3A (3100 HP) Locomotive turned out


First Rebuilt WDM3C (3300 HP) Locomotive turned out


First WDM3D ALCO Locomotive manufactured


Fitment of Electronic Fuel Injection System in ALCO Loco


Fitment of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for fuel saving


First Multi Gen Set Loco manufactured


First WDG3A loco was supplied to NRC (NTPC)


First 3-Phase IGBT based 6000 HP WAP7 Electric Loco produced


First  8-W Diesel Electric Tower Car (DETC) produced


First 6FRA 6068 Traction Motor Manufactured in-house


First 3-Ph IGBT based 6000 HP WAG9HC Electric Loco produced


First 10000 HP WAG10 Twin Electric Locomotive produced by conversion of Diesel Locos


200th DETC turned out from PLW


500th 3-Phase electric loco turned out





Land & Buildings


Workshop area (Sq m)



Township area (Sq m)



Total Area (Sq m)

2254736 (557 Acres)


Covered area in Workshop (Sq m)



Covered area of other service buildings (Sq m)



                 Staff Quarters





Type-IV (Special)


PLW House











Township is self-sufficient in all basic amenities such as Hospital, School, Shopping Centre, Bank, Post Office, Recreational and Sports facilities.

Electrical Services

Electrical power requirement


     (i)  Average demand (monthly)

2109 kVA

    (ii)  Maximum demand (monthly)

2580 kVA

Number of H.T. sub stations


Roof-top Solar Power generation capacity

2150 kWp

Electrical Energy Consumption incl. Solar (2022-23)

103.29 lakh kWh

Renewable energy generated (2022-23)

24.00 lakh kWh

Standby power generation capacity (DG sets)

2305 kVA


Water Supplies

Water consumption (unit to kl/day) (2022-23)


Rain Water Harvesting Pits (nos.)



Railway Hospital

No. of beds in hospital





Manufacturing & Support Shops

  • Light Machine Shop
  • Heat Treatment Shop
  • Traction Machine Shop
  • Heavy Machine Shop
  • Plant Maintenance Shop
  • Tool Room
  • Electronics Lab

Assembly and Testing Shops

  • Loco Assembly Shop
  • Power Pack Shop
  • Bogie Shop
  • Light Fabrication Shop
  • Electrical & Commissioning Shop
  • Air Brake Shop
  • Loco Testing & Paint shop

Manpower Resources



Sanctioned Strength

On Roll



76+1 (WC)











Level-1 (Erstwhile Grp “D” now Grp “C”)










            Certifications and Accreditations

  • IS/ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO/TS/22163:2017 International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)
  • IS/ISO 14001:2015 Environment management System
  • IS/ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety
  • IS/ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System
  • IS/ISO:3834-2: 2005 for welding processes
  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 NABL accreditation for C&M Lab
  • 5S certification for work place management.

             Awards, Ratings and Recognitions

  • GreenCo Certification achieved with Gold Rating (2023)
  • Green Building Certification with Platinum Rating for PLW Administrative Building (2022)
  • Energy Efficient UnitNational Award-2022 by CII Hyderabad (4th time in a row)
  • Winner of Environment & Cleanliness Shield in the 66th National Railway Awards-2021
  •  Golden Peacock Award – 2020 (Energy Efficiency)


PLW team with Golden Peacock Award – 2020






Product/Type of Rolling Stock

Production during 2022-23


New WAP7 Electric Locos (Nos)



New WAG9H -Electric Locos (Nos)



New 8-Wheeler Diesel Electric Tower Cars (DETC) (nos.)



Motorized Truck Assemblies (Bogies) for WAP7/ WAG9HC locos



Motorized Wheel Sets for electric and diesel locos (nos.)                      



Supply of other items (value in Crs.)



Total Value of Production (in Crores of Rs.)





Technical Training Centre

A Technical Training Centre is functioning at PLW, Supervisors and Technicians undergo Initial and Refresher Training Courses at Technical Training Centre, PLW. Besides this, courses on Industrial Safety, Fire Fighting and First Aid are also conducted regularly. In addition, a ‘Knowledge Centre for CNC Machines’ was set up in 2017, where specialized courses for Programming, Operations and Maintenance of CNC Machines are regularly conducted, not only for PLW staff but also for maintenance staff of Zonal Railways. However, for the time being these courses are being delivered online due to pandemic related constraints.



PLW has a rich sporting culture and is actively associated with the promotion of sports among its employees and theirwards. PLW Sports Association is headed by Patron/Principal Chief Administrative Officer and supported by President and HGS of PLWSA.


PLW has a lush green Stadium that boasts of having excellent facilities for Cricket, Kabaddi, Volleyball and Athletics. Besides the green and clean Stadium, the Golf course is another feather in our cap. A dedicated red sand walking path at PLW Stadium has also been made for promoting Morning & Evening walks by employees.


PLW has a most advanced and well-equipped modern gymnasium having all physical fitness facilities for Cardiac and Muscular Fitness for our Sportspersons and employees. Four out-door gyms are also installed at PLW Colony I & II. A Synthetic Lawn-Tennis Court, two newly built wooden badminton courts & Squash court is also available in PLW premises. A Sports Hostel with 36 Beds facility is also available to accommodate the sports persons during training Camps & tournaments.



PLW Players are performing exceptionally well especially in Athletics. Some of the recent achievements are as under:


  • Sh.EknathSambhajiTurambekar  (Walker) has set a new National Record with the timing of 2:45:17 secs in 35 km walking event in World Athletics Race Walking Team Championship -2022 held at Muscat.
  • Ms. Annu Rani participated in Commonwealth Games 2022 at Birmingham in Women Javelin throw category & secured Bronze Medal. She is an Olympian who participated in Tokyo Olympics 2020. She also got Gold Medal in 31st Qosanov Memorial International Athletics Championship-2022 at Kazakhstan.  She also won Gold Medal in 36th National Games-2022-23, Gujarat.  Presently, Ms. Annu Rani hold National Record with 63.24m in women’s javelin throw.


  • Mrs. Manpreet Kaur, represented India in Commonwealth Games 2022 at Birmingham. She obtained Gold Medal in 61st National Inter State Senior Athletics Championship 2022 with throw of 18.06m & set new national record. She has also secured Bronze Medal in 36th National Games-2022-23, Gujarat.


  • Ms. Kiran, Sprinter, obtained Gold Medal in 31st Qosanov Memorial International Athletics Championship-2022 at Kazakhstan.  She also got Gold Medal in 61st National Inter State Senior Athletics Championship 2022, Bangalore.


  • Ms. Prachi & Ms. Kiran obtained Gold Medal in Women 4x400m Mixed Relay in 61st National Open Athletics Championship-2022-23 held at Bangalore.


  • Ms. Prachi, Ms. Kiran, Ms. Nancy &SmtMadhu secured Gold Medal in 4X400m Relay in  87th AIR Athletics Championship 2022-23 at MCF/Raebareli.

Apart from the above, inter departmental tournaments are regularly organized in various sporting categories to promote physical fitness among our employees. PLWSA successfully organized last Inter departmental cricket tournament in the month of Nov-Dec 2022 in PLW Stadium.  All India Railway Athletics (throw events) coaching camp was also held at PLW/Patiala w.e.f. 03.10.2022 to 13.10.2022 for the preparation of 61st National Athletics Championship-2022-23. PLWSA is also host to 33rd AIR (Women Cricket Championship- 2022-23) w.e.f. 10.04.2023 to 16.04.2023.

Sports is a way of life for all of us here and we are committed to providing better sporting facilities to nurture talent and to keep work force physically fit.




Source : Welcome to PLW Official Website ! CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-06-2023  

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