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NIT (Civil Engineering)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/DMW/T-18/2021-22/PTA Dt. 03.12.2021                  (uploaded on 28-12-2021)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/DMW/T-19/2021-22/PTA Dt. 03.12.2021                  (uploaded on 28-12-2021)

Auction Notice No. DMW/W/Civil/Shops/2016/Vol-I Dt. 14.01.2022                (uploaded on 15.01.2022)

E-Tender Notice No.CE/DMW/T-21&22/2021-22/PTA Dt. 10.01.2022             (uploaded on 19.01.2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE-DMW-T-23-2021-22-PTA Dt. 14.01.2022                  (uploaded on 19.01.2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/DMW/T-24 & 25/2021-22/PTA Dt. 31.01.2022          (uploaded on 04-02-2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/DMW/T-27, 28 & 29/2021-22/PTA Dt. 08.03.2022    (uploaded on 14-03-2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-29/2021-22/PTA Dt. 29.03.2022                    (uploaded on 31-03-2022) (Ist Corrigendum)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-29/2021-22/PTA Dt. 20.04.2022                    (uploaded on 27-04-2022) (2nd Corrigendum)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-02, 03 & 04/2022-23/PTA Dt. 09.05.2022      (uploaded on 12-05-2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-02, 03 & 04/2022-23/PTA Dt. 09.05.2022      (uploaded on 31.05.2022) (Ist Corrigendum)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-29/2021-22/PTA Dt. 13.06.2022                     (uploaded on 16.06.2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-06, 07 & 08/2022-23/PTA Dt. 01.07.2022       (uploaded on 05.07.2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-09, 10 & 11/2022-23/PTA Dt. 15.07.2022       (uploaded on 15.07.2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-12 & 13/2022-23/PTA Dt. 25.07.2022             (uploaded on 26.07.2022)

E-Tender Notice No. CE/PLW/T-13/2022-23/PTA Dt. 25.07.2022                     (uploaded on 10.08.2022) (Ist Corrigendum)

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